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If you cannot log in to Instagram on Snapdown

First, log in to the Instagram mobile webpage (, not the Instagram app or the Snapdown app.

Instagram checks information for users who have logged in on a web page other than its own app or have not logged in for a certain period of time. So, you can see a page like the picture below.

If a message similar to the picture above is displayed when you try to log in, you must enter additional information to log in. After that, you will be able to log in from the snapdown.

To summarize, at this point (June, 10, 2022), when using the Snapdown version (7.3.1) or higher, not being able to log in is not a problem with Snapdown. Instagram has a page asking if you are a real user or additional information about the user.

Please use a mobile browser such as Chrome or Whale to log in to the Instagram mobile web page. If you log in properly with this login method, you will be able to log in in the Snapdown app without any problems.

If you have more questions, please leave an email ( or a comment on this article.

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