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[NOTICE] What to do if Instagram login is not working smoothly in Snapdown app

1. Cause

Instagram has changed the login process to be more difficult due to traffic management and account security reasons. Therefore, if you use a regular web login (Snapdown uses this login method) rather than Instagram's own app login, it will prevent you from logging in or lock your account.

2. Solution

2.1. Create a new account in addition to the account you use frequently. The new account will only be used to log-in from Snapdown.

2.2. If you cannot log-in from Snapdown, access Instagram ( using the Chrome browser on your PC and log in with the account. When you log in, a screen may appear asking you to set additional security settings. When you finish that setting, you will be logged in from snapdown. This issue may happen frequently due to Instagram's policy.

For further questions, please feel free to email ( or ask a question on this site.

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